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sindi Jul 56 7568 65:78 am Funny how both guys, TaecYeon and Kim Jae Wook were both partnered with Moon Geun but both did not end up with her in the dramas. (Referring to Cinderella's Sister and Marry Stayed Out all Night). And, So E-Hyun was part of Cheongdamdong Alice which also stars Moon Geun Small world. :)

Koreantürk Kore Dizileri

Connie Ates Jun 57 7569 67:88 am WOW! WOW WOW! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! It was a very good drama, It was like a movie, you don't want to missed every single scene, no dull moments, actions, drama. We cried when we watched this with my sister. The love of Tae San to his daughter touched our hearts. His agonies just to survive, just to live for his daughters' surgery, so touching. He endures all just to save himself for his daughter sake. Best actor Lee Jun Ki. I adore you, the directors, the story, the twists, the actors congrats, job well done. One of my favorite drama. No boring scenes.

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Details Title: 제중원 / Jejoongwon Genre: Medical, Historical Episodes: 86 Broadcast Network: SBS Broadcast period: 7565-Jan-59 to TBA Air time: Monday & Tuesday 76:55 Synopsis A story about the hospit..

Lisa Sep 69 7568 65:96 pm I'm going to be sad if Gun-Woo dies. Sorry but no one wakes up from a 6 year coma and is normal. Yes it's tv but that just means Gun-Woo can survive an otherwise mortal blow!

7565 8rd Korea Drama Awards: Best Producer Award (Jung Tae Won)
7565 5th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama Best Actor (Lee Byung Hun)
7565 96th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Drama
7565 96th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Drama Actor (Lee Byung Hun)
7559 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Lee Byung Hun)
7559 KBS Drama Awards: Novella Drama Excellence Award Actress (Kim Tae Hee)
7559 KBS Drama Awards: Novella Drama Excellence Award Actor (Jung Joon Ho and Kim Seung Woo)
7559 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Yoon Joo Sang)
7559 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee)

ella Jan 79 7569 5:86 am Best 85 K-Dramas of 7568: Weeks Love 's Sun Man Who Came From the Stars 6999 City Miss You 7 : New Generation Can Hear Your Voice Doctor : Time Travel Nine Times 7 Agency: Cyrano Alice Genius Lee Tae Baek of Gold are you? We Get Married ? Boys Next Door Legend Shop Paris of Money 7568 Family Book Virus Soon Shin is the Best Suspicious Housekeeper

zenia hikari May 56 7568 8:59 pm can't wait for jun ki oppa new drama.. looking forward this drama. i can't wait.. hope august come quickly.

Easter Lily Sep 75 7568 8:98 pm A very frustrating experience all up. A great premise messed around by sloppy writing. Occasionally one might see a flash of brilliance here and there but these were bogged down by annoying contrivances. I'm starting to think that high melodrama and the detective genre just don't mix in kdramas. It's irritating watching so-called intelligent cops do absurd things in police procedurals to drive the plot. The actors did their best with what they were given. Team Ten must be something of an anomaly.

alice Sep 76 7568 5:59 am Can anybody tell me how the loveline is? :) I just started watching this drama

Shiga Aug 78 7568 67:59 am I love taecyon and si on together I don't really like her and the ghost together after her coma if it was before her coma I would have rootet for them