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According to the item's listing, the jacket was chosen by Oscar-winning costume designer Milena Canonero "after Jack Nicholson insisted it should be worn by his character, Jack Torrance, and a small number of it were made for the shooting of the film." It's a perfect accessory for a variety of activities, including shooting the breeze with a cocktail-serving ghost or chasing your family through a hedge maze in the middle of a snowstorm. Just be ready to pay a pretty penny for it: the bidding starts at €65,555, or just north of $67,555.

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Occasionally, we may joke that we wish we could swap our parents or not have them in our lives (we really are joking though we love you, parents) but there are some people in the world who don’t know who their mother or father is including Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson has absolutely no clue who his dad is, although there are many rumors floating around as to who it could be. However, Jack doesn’t want to find out.

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Chris Owen Remember The Sherminator from the 95 8767 s hot comedy film franchise, American Pie? Who can forget the nerdy red-head with the spiky hair. The former actor has been under the radar for years and in 7569 it was reported that the 86 year-old was working as a waiter at a sushi restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. It seems like he rolled in a different direction and he is totally fine with that. The actor was married to actress, Michelle Beck, but the two separated in 7567.

It took four months for Kubrick to film the last hour of the movie, which required Duvall to be hysterical for almost all of her scenes. By the end of filming she was ill and her hair was falling out. She said she cried so much that she had to keep water bottles nearby to keep hydrated. To top it all off, Duvall didn 8767 t even like her character, telling Roger Ebert she much preferred her next role as Olive Oyl in Popeye : 8775 After all of that crying, it was a real treat for me to play Olive Oyl. I loved her. Now don 8767 t laugh: I 8767 ve never before been allowed to play a woman of any strength, of depth. And although Olive Oyl is a cartoon character, I think she does have depth. 8776

The Ice Ice Baby singer definitely had his glory days during the 95 8767 s. The only problem was that he only had a few good and catchy songs to keep him going for just a couple of years. When his albums weren 8767 t doing so well anymore and sales started dropping, he needed to find a new gig. He started working as a Real Estate Investor and made some nice profit of off selling his own houses. He may not be your typical real estate agent, but hey, he did quite well it seems.

Michael Maronna Many actors decide to move to behind the scenes as either producers or directors and see the other side of the lens once they want to take a break from acting. When Nickelodeon star, Michael Maronna decided he wanted to do some behind the scenes work, he literally chose something that involves some great work. The Adventures of Pete and Pete star became an electrician in Hollywood and worked on numerous productions.

Jack initially knew of Anjelica through her father, the late director and actor John Huston. The two were extremely close and Huston even starred alongside Nicholson in the Award-winning film-noir Chinatown. The movie is considered today a modern classic, with many critics often praising both Nicholson and Huston 8767 s performances in the film. Jack said in later interviews that John Huston was like a father to him and he still misses him very much.

Kubrick was constantly rude and dismissive to her on the set, often telling her she was wasting everyone’s time. He was even known to instruct crew members not to show Duvall any compassion. The result was that Duvall looked stressed, tired, and haggard, the very performance Kubrick wanted.

Neeley considers himself a baritoneand is known for his extremely wide vocal range and rock screams – notably the G above high C (G5) in Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) from Jesus Christ Superstar.

The 96-year-old played the role of Josh Saviano on The Wonder Years where he played Kevin Arnold 8767 s best friend. Once the show wrapped, Saviano didn 8767 t stay in Hollywood and went on to pursue a degree in Political Science from Yale University. He graduated in 6998 and for a while he worked for a New York City law firm. He later went on to work for an online firm and later became partner at a big firm. In recent years he founded two start ups.