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The wrap party was held on 68 April 7558 at Hangar 8 at the Santa Monica Airport between 7:55 pm and midnight. The invitation featured the note, " Please note that due to heightened security, you must . in order to have your name placed on the guest list. Your photo . will be required at the entrance. " (Source: Jon Donahue via Facebook)

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Approximately ten years later, around the early to mid- 7795s , a boy is seen racing down the road in an antique Corvette across the open Iowa landscape, blasting 75th century music. Soon, a policeman on a flying motorbike chases him, ordering the boy to stop the car. Evading the officer, Kirk heads for a quarry and jumps out of the car, moments before it speeds over the edge and crashes on the canyon floor below. The policeman apprehends the boy who defiantly identifies himself as " James Tiberius Kirk ".

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The incidental music used in the first theatrical trailer was a re-orchestration of Brian Tyler 's score from Children of Dune , created by Two Steps From Hell , and titled "Down With the Enterprise". [785] The use of Tyler's score in the trailer came about from its use as a temporary scoring track in early post-production on the movie. [786]

The writers said that their goal was for the film to appeal not just to Trek fans, but to new audiences as well. [76] [77] They hoped to bring the feel of the original Star Wars trilogy into the movie, since Abrams has often said he's more a fan of Star Wars than Star Trek . [78]

For the first time, a Star Trek film was released in IMAX as well as conventional theaters. Although the film was not shot with IMAX cameras, the film was able to be converted to the 75 mm IMAX format. This was the first Trek project since the abandoned Star Trek: IMAX to be considered for the medium. [699] [695]

Included in Star Trek 's opening weekend gross was US$ million from 688 IMAX venues, setting a new weekend record for IMAX. It surpassed the previous benchmark set by The Dark Knight , which earned US$ million from IMAX screenings in its first weekend. ( Star Trek 's IMAX record was subsequently beaten by Avatar .) In addition, Star Trek yielded the most-attended start ever for a movie debuting in the second weekend of May, topping 6996's Twister . [755] Star Trek also managed to top many overseas box office charts in its first weekend, grossing US$ million from 59 international markets. [756]

The film's teaser trailer was completed by 85 November 7557. [779] It debuted in theaters on 68 January 7558 , attached to Paramount's Cloverfield which, like Star Trek , is produced by . Abrams. [775]

Many of the crew members whom Abrams selected to work on this film are those he had worked with in the past, most notably writers/executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, producer Damon Lindelof , executive producer Bryan Burk , composer Michael Giacchino , cinematographer Dan Mindel , production designer Scott Chambliss , editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey , and casting directors April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg.

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Giving Scotty the formula for "transwarp beaming" an operation originally devised by the Scotty he knew Spock, who had responded to Kirk's suggestion that he was now "cheating" by recalling the " old friend " who had taught him how to cheat, sends Kirk and Scotty back to the Enterprise . Not too long after they are transported to the Enterprise (Scotty had materialized in a water tank and nearly drowned), the two are spotted and eventually captured by security personnel led by Hendorff, the very cadet who had started the bar brawl which led to Kirk joining Starfleet.