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Smoker Plans, Build a Smoker

The other consideration is the height of the jack. If you need your trailer level, and you will, you don't want one too short because then you have to put it on blocks to get it off the ball of your hitch.


Wash the smoker inside and out, you want to get rid of any left over flux from welding and paint the smoker with some high heat paint.

Custom-Built Smokers - Custom Offset Smokers for Sale

Since I am using a splined type bolt I like to keep room for movement of the springs so I back the nut off just a bit in order to get this movement.

I don't like a lot of stuff hanging off my trailers. And that goes for this cool advanced feature I built. A side table bracket. I put one on each side of the trailer for convenience.

For more support you may want to weld in some A frame cross members. They are not necessarily required but if you're going to have more weight on the frame they are a good idea.

You can clamp the frame perimeter and then measure it from one corner to the other. You can double check with or use a framing square however I have found that using the tape measure this way is more accurate.

Directly above the temperature gauge sticking up above the pit is a small steel rod. I can have your initials, ranch brand, or logo cut out with a computer driven plasma cutter and positioned on top of this rod above the pit for your own personalization.

Fire up the smoker the first time let it get up to temperature and let it burn off any oils. Then you can start smoking! Here I did some short ribs, they came out awesome!

If you use an overslung drop axle set up like this you need to be sure the spindles are upright when you mount them. It's considered to be the best way to set up a drop axle.

The thing to look out for though is you don't want it interfering with the coupler or on being a problem on turns. Place it carefully.